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Our history

1965 : A workshop is founded by Dimitrios Bouras, producing moulds and plastic parts in Piraeus. The goal of† † this company is the production of P.V.C. sealing articles. as a revolutionary replacement to the cotton string† and leather that had, up until then, been used by the plumbing industry.
1979 : the partnership is expanded and the company moves to a larger building in Peristeri, Attica.
1985 : Dimitrios Bouras leaves the partnership, and founds his own company. The goal of this new company is to† expand to new products like floaters and flushing mechanisms.
1988 : the company is renamed to† "D. Bouras & Son CO." after the accession of his son, Nikos.
1990 :

the youngest son, Manos accesses to the company, in turn renamed to "D. Bouras & Sons CO." The† company starts exporting products to Italy and Cyprus.

1993 : computers are introduced to the company, making the leap from pen to keyboard.
1999 : Dimitrios Bouras retires, with the firm is now changing it's name to† "Bouras Bros". Land of †8,5 acres is† bought in Megara, Attica with the intention of constucting a new factory.
2000 : the company transfers it's offices from Peristeri to Aigaleo.
2004 : buyout of† a plastic production company from† I.Tzakis.
2005 : beginning of the 1400sq.m factory construction in Megara, Attica.
2006 : production starts at the new factory.
2007 : buyout of the company† "Ourania Diavoliki & CO"
2009 : the company is certificated by T.U.V Austria according to EN ISO 9001 : 2008 and sets up shop in a place† where no one lives... the internet.
2018: 52 years after the founding of Omniplast, the first vertical machining center is purchased, aiming† to modernise molds and production, meanwhile expanding to the creation of parts and molds for third parties